FIFA 18 Prime ICON SBC List – FUT ICONS Release Date & Schedule

FIFA 18 Prime ICON SBC List – FUT ICONS Release Date & Schedule

FIFA 18 Prime ICON SBCs are all non-repeatable and have no expiry date.

Each new FUT 18 Prime ICON SBC will be added below as soon as they are officially announced!

FIFA 18 Luis Hernández Prime ICON SBC

Build towards earning the Prime version of Luis Hernández [Untradeable]

FUT 18 Hernández ICON SBC Rewards

FIFA 18 Prime Hernández 90 FUT ICON Card


FIFA 18 Emmanuel Petit Prime ICON SBC

Build towards earning the Prime version of Emmanuel Petit [Untradeable]

FUT 18 Petit ICON SBC Rewards

FIFA 18 Prime Petit 90 FUT ICON Card


FIFA 18 Peter Schmeichel Prime ICON SBC

Build towards earning the Prime version of Peter Schmeichel [Untradeable]

FUT 18 Schmeichel ICON SBC Rewards

FIFA 18 Prime Schmeichel 92 FUT ICON Card


FIFA 18 Alessandro Del Piero Prime ICON SBC

Build towards earning the Prime version of Alessandro Del Piero [Untradeable]

FUT 18 Del Piero ICON SBC Rewards

FIFA 18 Prime Del Piero 92 FUT ICON Card


FIFA 18 Marc Overmars Prime ICON SBC

Build towards earning the Prime version of Marc Overmars [Untradeable]

FUT 18 Overmars ICON SBC Rewards

FIFA 18 Prime Overmars 90 FUT ICON Card


FIFA 18 Rui Costa Prime ICON SBC

Build towards earning the Prime version of Rui Costa [Untradeable]

FUT 18 Rui Costa ICON SBC Rewards

FIFA 18 Prime Rui Costa 90 FUT ICON Card


FIFA 18 Team of the Week 9 Predictions


FIFA 18 Team of the Week 9 Goalkeepers Predictions

  • Yann Sommer (GK) 83 > 85 – Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Darren Randolph (GK) 74 > 80 – Middlesbrough
  • Jordan Pickford (GK) 77 > 81 – Everton
  • Robin Olsen (GK) 74 > 80 – Everton

FIFA 18 Team of the Week 9 Defenders Predictions

  • Medhi Benatia (CB) 84 > 86 – Juventus
  • Michele Camporese (CB) 69 > 76 – Foggia
  • Šime Vrsaljko (RB) 79 > 82 – Atlético Madrid
  • Nabil Dirar (RB) 76 > 81 – Fenerbahçe SK
  • Marcelo Vieira da Silva (LB) 87 > 88 – Real Madrid CF
  • Danny Grainger (LB) 63 > 73 > 78 – Carlisle United
  • Ricardo Rodríguez (LB) 81 > 83 – AC Milan

FIFA 18 Team of the Week 9 Midfielders Predictions

  • Jakob Johansson (CDM) 74 > 80 – AEK Athens
  • Luka Modrić (CM) 89 > 90 – Real Madrid CF
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan (CAM) 85 > 86 – Manchester United
  • Robin Lod (RM) 73 > 79 – Panathinaikos FC
  • Mathieu Dossevi (RM) 74 > 80 – Football Club de Metz
  • David Silva (RM) 87 > 88 > 89 – Manchester City
  • Harry Anderson (RM) 59 > 72 – Lincoln City
  • Gheorghe Grozav (LM) 70 > 78 – Kardemir Karabükspor

FIFA 18 Team of the Week 9 Forwards Predictions

  • Hirving Lozano (RW) 78 > 82 > 84 – PSV Eindhoven
  • Roy Krishna (RW) 69 > 77 – Wellington Phoenix
  • Andrew Hoole (RW) 63 > 73 – Central Coast Mariners
  • Memphis Depay (LW) 80 > 81 > 83 – Olympique Lyonnais
  • Neeskens Kebano (LW) 74 > 80 – Fulham
  • Son Heung-min (ST) 82 > 84 – Tottenham Hotspur
  • Diafra Sakho (ST) 75 > 81 – West Ham United
  • Gonçalo Guedes (ST) 74 > 80 > 83 – Valencia CF
  • Brett Pitman (ST) 69 > 77 – Portsmouth
  • Sergio Agüero (ST) 89 > 90 > 91 – Manchester City
  • Emanuele Calaió (ST) 72 > 78 – Parma
  • Juan Camilo Hernández (ST) 64 > 74 – SD Huesca
  • Romelu Lukaku (ST) 86 > 87 – Manchester United (RB/OTW)

5 players who don’t deserve to play for Manchester United

It’s always easy to criticise, always easy to point out errors and bask in the sense of entitlement that a big club often generates to call personnel out… but sometimes there is a kernel of truth within the criticism – as good a footballer as the object of criticism maybe.

Most of the names on this list have never given up and have always shown great fighting spirit – but in another era of now-forgotten ruthlessness, they wouldn’t be near the Manchester United football team.

5 Daley Blind


Daley Blind was brought to Manchester United by Louis Van Gaal as he sought a trusted lieutenant to establish his own unique Dutch philosophy on United. A superb passer of the ball and a competent reader of the game, Blind, on the face of it was perfect for this – but the mere fact that Ashley Young is being preferred at left-back by the current management (and is doing much better than Blind was in the position, it has to be said) shows that Blind simply doesn’t have the quality to compete at this level of football.

The slowness of foot is also what keeps him from being an effective central midfield player in the (yes, it’s stereotyped, but that’s ‘cos it’s true) fast-paced Premier League.

4 Matteo Darmian


Matteo Darmian is one of the most versatile fullbacks in world football – comfortable on either the right or left of defence but he has never truly lived up to the potential he brought with him from Torino – and the Ashley Young factor again points out his limitations as a top-class full-back.

Not fast enough to trouble opposition fullbacks, with a cross that’s not good enough to for his center-forwards do anything with, Darmian is the kind of average-to-good footballer who have made United their home and have brought down the performance of the team as a whole.

3 Juan Mata


Now, now, calm down.

Nobody is saying that Juan Mata isn’t the nicest guy in world football. Nobody is saying that Juan Mata isn’t one of the loveliest footballers to watch when on song.

He is, though, hopelessly ineffective when things start getting even a bit physical and… as astoundingly blunt as this sounds… lacks the upper-body strength to be able to compete effectively with the increasingly more powerful opposition.

He also requires a whole lot of the ball to be able to make some impact on games – but is simply not good enough to build a team of United’s ambitions around, or to obtain the status of “luxury player” , one with the license to do anything without having the responsibility to hold position or trackback.

As hard as this is to read, and to write may I add, Juan Mata is just not good enough to play the role he seeks for a team that wants to win every competition it competes in.

2 Luke Shaw


Louis van Gaal, Roy Hodgson, and Mauricio Pochettino have all at one point of time in their interactions with Luke Shaw echoed Jose Mourinho’s comments on Shaw’s attitude, professionalism and struggle to maintain fitness.

Forget the fact that he still hasn’t shown what he is capable of (lad has bags of potential, no doubts about that), but for a team that prided themselves on being the fittest (and most professional-in-training) of the lot, Shaw’s attitude should in all reality be inexcusable.

1 Henrikh Mkhitaryan


Henrikh, he has chipped in with a bagful of assists (5 in the PL) already this season – but the correlation between his great performances and the presence of Paul Pogba on the pitch is quite simply eerie.

Without the Frenchman, Mkhitaryan was expected to take the reins and steer United moving forward, but in the past two months the Armenian has looked utterly lackadaisical, a touch lazy, and bereft of the creativity that he was supposed to bring to the ball park.

Oh and the way he shirks challenges can only grate on Jose Mourinho’s nerves.

Simply put, he still hasn’t earned the right to be the creator-in-chief of Manchester United, a mantle previously held by some of the greatest players this game has ever seen.

Former Barcelona superstar admits he could make stunning €91m return to Camp Nou


What’s the story?

Barcelona’s pursuit of Thiago Alcantara received a huge boost as the Bayern Munich midfielder admitted that he could envision a return back to his boyhood club. Speaking to the press ahead of the Spanish national team’s friendlies, Thiago confirmed his love for Barca, saying “Barcelona will always be my home, and not only because I love the club, but also the city. I will always look at them with love. You never know if I’ll be back; because I’m very happy at Bayern, but football changes a lot. Anything can happen.”

However, with Bayern Munich having tied him down to a long contract, Barcelona may have to part with a huge fee, in the range of €91 million.

In case you didn’t know…

Thiago Alcantara is a prodigal son for many Barcelona fans, with many cules viewing his sale to Bayern Munich for a paltry €18 million in 2013 as the most disastrous piece of transfer business by the club in the last few years. That situation was triggered by Thiago playing less than 60% of Barcelona’s games in 2012/13, which saw his release clause fall.

The heart of the matter

Having won the Bundesliga title in every season he has been at Bayern Munich, it is hardly surprising that the Bavarian giants are reluctant to let Thiago go. They have tied down the midfielder to a contract that is designed to keep him in Munich until 2021 and thus only a massive fee from Barcelona will turn their heads.

Barcelona were reportedly put off previously by the €100m+ fee they expected Bayern would want for Thiago’s services, but now that the player has made a public utterance of a possibility of moving back, the Blaugrana are hoping that a fee of €91 million will suffice.

It is no secret that Thiago remains the prodigal son of Barcelona, with the Spaniard considered the true successor to Xavi and Andres Iniesta. Ernesto Valverde would jump at any chance of signing the midfielder, and has reportedly spoken to technical director Robert Fernandez to broker a deal.



“FIFA 17 2.0.” “It’s just a roster patch every year.”

You know the message board talking points. Virtually all of them are perhaps trust in jest at most. But imagine a world where instead of a traditional physical release, the annual September FIFA release was instead an update through the PlayStation or Microsoft stores respectively?

EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke to Bloomberg TV:

“The greatest disruptor to the consumption of entertainment media in the last five years has been the combination of streaming plus subscription,” Wilson said. “It’s changed the way we watch television. It’s changed the way we listen to music. It’s changed the way I read books.”

When asked about the prospects of a so-called “‘Netflix’ of gaming”, Wilson stated “there’s a world where it gets easier and easier to move that code around — where we may not have to do an annual release. We can really think about those games as a 365-day live service.”

Those sounding their internal panic alarms or rushing to make snide, defensive comments in response, think more to EA’s existing streaming service, “EA Access”. Imagine if instead of a 10 hour trial at launch and instead of $30/year you paid something like $30/month for the latest releases of all EA Sports titles year round.

We could theoretically already be there — or at least in much closer proximity — had “FIFA World” gained more traction and/or be slightly more fleshed out/full-bore and if we hadn’t had the pushback on the proposed elimination of physical releases during the announcement of the most recent generation of consoles the industry experienced. Even with the eleventh hour pivot back to physical discs, we’re seeing more and more titles be released earlier as digital pre-orders with the physical copies either lacking pre-orders altogether or coming out as much as four to eleven days later than their cloud-based counterparts.

The advantages to such a structure are plentiful: say if a game needed a dramatic tune up/fix, with the title constantly being iterated on instead of being worked on concurrently with a future version of the same title, it could theoretically be prioritized and rolled out more like a patch than having to be introduced as part of the following year’s game. Or say a technological leap forward gives the game manufacturers new ammunition to provide a better and more vivid experience. A Frostbite type engine could be introduced mid-game traditional life cycle instead of 12 months later.

The challenges and roadblocks are numerous, however. As Wilson mentions, file size in our current high-speed Internet world — the Xbox One X has been widely popularly received, but its up to 100 GB game and accompanying updates have some crying too much-too soon — as well as design scale (Wilson talked about playing a game for a short period of a time on a mobile phone, then picking it up for an hour on a 60 inch TV before transitioning to monitoring it in your car while you’re driving) make an abrupt pivot unlikely.

FIFA (and Madden) Mobile players have already first hand seen what it’s like where the same app updates and all the sudden it’s essentially a new game. The same restart you’ve grown accustomed to from FUT on console happened on FIFA Mobile just a few weeks ago, but along with it, a complete rewrite of the game’s engine to support tuned up graphics and gameplay, a new leveling system, and a complete rewrite of the game’s navigation/UI. All in the same app even.

What Wilson is proposing would essentially be a shift on console games to something more akin to that. Perhaps one of the biggest questions remaining is how licensing in a game like FIFA (and in particular a mode like Ultimate Team) would be impacted. Would we see a shift to more a “FIFA Online 3″, Korea’s popular years running PC game that has players from across multiple FIFA console releases within the same roughly FIFA 13 backed engine game? Or would we continue to see fresh starts/resets like we have since Ultimate Team launched on the physically backed console game releases?

The future is an exciting one. And while we’re undoubtedly still years away, it’s time to think of these sorts of sea changes as more and more inevitabilities and not merely hypothetical works in progress or proposals on meeting room white boards.

All Time Best Under Rated Goalkeepers



The Welshman played for more than ten clubs in his nineteen-year career. Often regarded as the best of his generation, Southall’s career came to a sad end. He was the man between the sticks for Everton for more than 500 games winning 2 FA Cups, one European Cup Winners’ Cup. He was selected for the PFA Team of the year for four straight seasons from ’86 to ’90. He also represented the national side in 92 games. Post-retirement, Southall went into management and enjoyed brief spells with the likes of Dover Athletic, Hastings United.



The 6ft 6in goalkeeper played for the likes of West Ham, Newcastle United during his 15 year long stay in the English football. The England born goalkeeper represented Trinidad and Tobago on the international stage. Hislop, like many goalkeepers, was massively underrated. He was a part of Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle, which finished in the second position for two successive seasons. Injuries played a major role in Hislop’s career. It was due to his injury problems that he left Newcastle for West Ham. His only major title came with Portsmouth, when the club won the promotion winning the Championship in 2002/03 season.



West Ham United made a smart move back in 2013 when they signed Adrian from Real Betis. The goalkeeper arrived at the club with minimal expectations; however, he turned many heads that season with some stunning performances. He had a success rate of 98% that season and carried his fine performances the next season too. Known for his quick reactions and reflexes, the Spaniard is a prominent member of Bilic’s squad. His injury problems have paved the way for Darron Randolph to get in the side; however, Adrian is expected to give Randolph a tough fight for the number one position.



The Nigerian does not have the likes of Champions league trophies in his cabinet, but he is easily one of the best goalkeepers of the modern game. After starting his career in his homeland, Enyeama moved to Tel-Aviv in Israel, where he played more than 100 games. His performances convinced Lille, where has been the first choice for last five years. Enyeama has saved his best for the international stage, where he was the goalkeeper in the African Team of the Year in 2010,2013 and 2014. He captained Nigeria to the African Cup of Nations title in 2013, keeping a clean sheet in the final against Burking Faso.



The football fans fondly remember Jaaskelainen for his time at Bolton. The Finnish goalkeeper was the man between the sticks for the Wanderers for more than 10 years, representing the club in 400 games. Jasskelainen was a prominent figure of the squad that won the promotion and stayed in the top flight for several years. Jasskelainen was a strong example for the youngsters in the team due to his dedication and loyalty. However, his situation at the club deteriorated under Owen Coyle, who replaced him with Adam Bogdan. Jasskelianen, though, continued his career under Sam Allardyce as he helped the club to a 10th place finish in his first season.

FIFA 18 Team of the Week 8 Predictions


FIFA 18 Team of the Week 8 Goalkeepers Predictions

  • Tiago Volpi (GK) 78 > 82 – Querétaro
  • Facundo Altamirano (GK) 62 > 72 – Club Atlético Banfield
  • Stefano Sorrentino (GK) 79 > 82 – Chievo Verona

FIFA 18 Team of the Week 8 Defenders Predictions

  • Alessio Romagnoli (CB) 79 > 82 – AC Milan
  • Steve Cook (CB) 77 > 82 – Bournemouth
  • César Azpilicueta (CB) 86 > 87 – Chelsea
  • Almamy Touré (RB) 73 > 79 – AS Monaco
  • Dani Alves (RB) 84 > 86 – PSG
  • David Alaba (LB) 86 > 87 – FC Bayern Münich
  • Barry Douglas (LB) 71 > 78 – Wolves
  • Leighton Baines (LB) 82 > 84 – Everton

FIFA 18 Team of the Week 8 Midfielders Predictions

  • Tortol Lumanza (CDM) 65 > 75 – Stabæk Fotball
  • Casemiro (CDM) 85 > 86 – Real Madrid CF
  • Dani Parejo (CM) 82 > 84 – Valencia CF
  • Kevin De Bruyne (CM) 90 > 91 – Manchester City
  • Anderson Talisca (CAM) 79 > 82 – Beşiktaş JK
  • James Rodríguez (CAM) 86 > 87 – FC Bayern Münich (OTW)
  • Valon Berisha (CAM) 74 > 79 – FC Red Bull Salzburg
  • Clint Dempsey (CAM) 78 > 82 – Seattle Sounders FC
  • Lulinha (CAM) 72 > 78 – Pohang Steelers
  • Nabil Fekir (CAM) 84 > 86 – Olympique Lyon
  • Héctor Herrera (LM) 79 > 82 – FC Porto

FIFA 18 Team of the Week 8 Forwards Predictions

  • Iago Aspas (RW) 85 > 86 – RC Celta de Vigo
  • Gerson Santos da Silva (RW) 67 > 76 – AS Roma
  • Kylian Mbappé (RW) 83 > 85 – PSG (OTW)
  • Mohamed Salah (RW) 85 > 86 – Liverpool (OTW)
  • Florian Thauvin (RW) 82 > 84 – Olympique de Marseille
  • Murilo Freitas (LW) 64 > 74 – Tondela
  • Paco Alcácer (ST) 79 > 82 – FC Barcelona
  • Zakaria Labyad (ST) 75 > 81 – FC Utrecht
  • Fedor Smolov (ST) 80 > 83 – FC Krasnodar
  • Stephan Hain (ST) 67 > 76 – SpVgg Unterhaching
  • Timo Werner (ST) 82 > 84 – RB Leipzig
  • Bafétimbi Gomis (ST) 79 > 82 – Galatasaray SK
  • Nicola Sansone (ST) 79 > 82 – Villarreal CF
  • Benjamin Girth (ST) 66 > 75 – SV Meppen
  • Sandro Wagner (ST) 82 > 84 – TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
  • Leon Clarke (ST) 65 > 75 – Sheffield United
  • Samuel Eto’o (ST) 81 > 83 – Antalyaspor
  • Álvaro Morata (ST) 86 > 87 – Chelsea (OTW)

Footballers Who Will Never Leave Their Current Clubs

There are 3 kinds of footballers.

1. Journeymen who seek success in every league there is.

2. Players willing to leave their club, in return for more playing time, trophies, money etc.

3. One club men, who stick with their club in good and bad times and in most cases, end up as local legends.

This piece is about the players who belong in the 3rd category. In the age where one’s career is defined by the number of trophies he won or the amount of money he made, players rarely consider a factor called LOYALTY while making up their mind to leave. But there are a few players who look set to retire at their current clubs. Players who place their club’s interests above theirs at all times. Players who are expected to get behind their club in the face of all odds. Here are 5 such names.



Inspiring a comeback in the UCL final, scoring the equalizer in the El Clasico, shutting out quality attacks to steal an undeserved 3 points, Sergio Ramos has done it all during his time at Real Madrid. The Los Blancos captain has made over 500 appearances for the club, since arriving from Sevilla in 2005. Not only does Ramos regularly bail Madrid out of difficult situations with his defensive skill set, he also scores when his team needs it the most. The Spanish international has scored 50 goals in the La Liga alone. A true leader and a nightmare for strikers, it is safe to assume that Ramos will end his career at the Bernabeu.



A game-reading genius and just a tank between the sticks, Neuer has won everything there is to win with Bayern Munchen. Since arriving at the Allianz Arena from Schalke in 2011, Neuer has gone on to become, arguably the best keeper in the world. He regularly pulls off stunning saves, he knows exactly when to come out for punching or collecting the ball, his passes and kicks find the mark almost all the time and the chances of him committing a blooper is almost nil. Is there anything else a team would want from its keeper? Also, he easily added a new dimension to his game by becoming Pep’s sweeper keeper, something that an experienced Joe Hart wasn’t able to do. Neuer’s current contract ties him to the club till 2021 and the German international too seems keen on hanging up his boots at the Bavarian club. What a legend.



The perfect example of an underrated player, Marchisio has been at Juventus his entire life, barring a season long loan at Empoli. Turin’s local boy and a product of Juventus’s youth system, he has gone on to become one of the best central midfielders in the Calcio A. Marchisio is a dynamic box to box midfielder with a great vision and an eye for goal. His presence is crucial to the runaway domestic champions, as he dictates their pace of play and can tear open defenses with one good pass. Marchisio has won the League 5 times and has also reached the UCL finals with his team. He signed a new five year deal with the Bianconeri in 2015. Looks like it will be the Juventus stadium that sees the last of him.



Pique’s love for Barcelona is something that everyone is aware of. Since arriving from Manchester United in 2008, he has won the La Liga 6 times and the Champions League 3 times. Learning the Barca way of defending from the legendary Carlos Puyol, Pique has turned into an aggressive and intelligent center back. He is a pain for strikers as he rarely ever lets them get past, and even if they do, he pulls off a perfectly timed slide tackle to avert the danger. He is also known for his on and off field banter, as he regularly uses social media to taunt Barcelona’s rivals. Such antics have made Pique a fan favorite and each passing day only increases the chances of him retiring in front of them.



From one Catalan to another, Busquets broke into Barcelona’s first team in 2008 under Guardiola. He has only gone from strength to strength since then and has now established himself as pivotal to Barca’s style of play. He is their deep lying playmaker and along with Iniesta, dominates possession in the midfield. Also, he wins the ball back multiple times, allowing Barcelona’s attack to keep flowing. Teams that have managed to defeat the Catalans, basically just kept Busquets quiet for 90 minutes. At 28, he still has a lot to offer and from the looks of things, he’ll offer it to Barcelona. His current contract keeps him at the Camp Nou till 2021, and as the Spaniard is showing no signs of unhappiness at the club, Barcelona in all honesty have themselves another legend.



They promised us “select Thursdays” … and roughly nobody in the community actually listened.

With mounting frustation at the lack of more and more Prime Icon Squad Building Challenges, player wishes were finally granted Thursday when the FIFA live production team dropped three more tasty SBCs (along with loan iterations) worth your perusal.

French midfielder Emmanuel Petit leads the way — though you arguably may be better served saving coins and assets for the bigger fish, like Patrick Vieira and/or Ruud Gullit, assuming of course you can wait that long. Manchester United (and Denmark) legend Peter Schmeichel enters a rarefied air previously only occupied by the likes of Manuel Neuer and David De Gea and may appeal to some Weekend Leaguers. And of course El Matador, Luis Hernandez, gets his day in the sun as well. Expect to see him in a Castro stream sooner rather than later.



While some of us are still waiting for FIFA Mobile’s Season 2 update to come to the Google Play store, the revised game’s first Team of the Week is here — with a twist.

TOTW (as well as the old event favorite, Player of the Month), are both back in S2, but now as Events.

“Every week, Players will be chosen to be part of the Team of the Week!” a message in game reads. “1 Captain, 11 Starters and 11 Reserves will be part of the TOTW. Find all the captains to unlock the Player of the Month!” it adds.

Each week, there’s a training exercise (similar to a Live Event from S1). For a set amount of stamina (two for Week 1), you grind towards 100 TOTW Points. Every two stamina in this instance will get you 5-15 TOTW points closer, plus throw in 500 coins and a chance at a Silver TOTW player and a very, very slight chance at that week’s captain. Week 1′s TOTW’s captain is none other than Manchester City’s Fernandinho:


Once you reach 100 TOTW points, you’re able to play that Week’s TOTW Challenge. This week’s is a 0-0 second half against the TOTW. If you win, you get 1,000-25,000 coins, a guaranteed Gold or better TOTW player with a shot at an Elite (including that week’s captain).

There’s also a Limit 10 500 FP TOTW pack, which gives you 6 TOTW players from that week including at least 3 Golds and 3 Silver player items with a chance at an Elite and the captain.

Just navigate to the Events section after you get going in Season 2 and give it a shot. The events will last a week at a time, ostensibly from Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET (8 p.m. UK, ordinarily) until the following Wednesday.

Here’s the first FIFA Mobile S2 Team of the Week:

– 85 CDM Fernandinho (Captain)

– 87 ST Gonzalo Higuain

– 84 ST Dries Mertens

– 84 GK Marc Andre Ter Stegen

– 83 ST Edinson Cavani

– 79 RW Hirving Lozano

– 79 RM Pablo Sarabia

– 77 LM Vincenzo Grifo

– 77 RM Elias Hernandez

– 77 LWB Sead Kolasinac

– 75 LB Fernando Marcal

– 75 CM Lucas Torreira

– 74 RWB Pablo Maffeo

– 73 LWB Ashley Young

– 71 CF Kenny Miller

– 70 ST Ihlas Bebou

– 70 RWB Brecht Capon

– 69 GK Zack Steffen

– 68 CAM Kieran Dowell

– 68 ST Manuel Schaffler

– 67 CB Joackim Jorgensen

– 65 ST Simone Rapp

– 63 ST Junior Negao