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The Germany and Schalke midfield powerhouse is turning out be quick a midfielder in real life, and it’s carrying over to FUT 18. He’s received an incredible 82-rated item, with some of the best stats in the game.



To say his stats are phenomenal would be an understatement. Just looking at his face card stats, he’s got a 4-star weak foot, no card stats below 73, H/H work rates, he’s 6’2, and boasts a whopping 469 total card stats (which is one of the highest in all of FIFA 18).

His in-game stats are pretty special. Not only is he fast (which 83 acceleration and 85 sprint speed), but he’s also technically gifted, great on the ball, solid both offensively and defensively, and can run all game long.


I used him with the Basic chemistry style, which gives him a nice all-round boost:





The team is extremely, extremely solid. It completely bulldozes the AI on Legendary, and wrecked the two online opponents I faced.


I’ve used Goretzka for seven games so far, and here are my stats with him:

Price: 3,700 coins (He’s now ~16,000)

Games: 7

Goals: 6

Assists: 2

Let’s get into this review.


Pace: 10/10

Everything you could possibly need in a central midfielder, and a lot more. Covers ground effortlessly, tearing up and down the pitch. His pace is incredibly useful when defending, and devastating in attack. It’s one of my favorite things about the card, and makes him an absolute animal in game.

Dribbling: 10/10

For a big man, he’s got a great touch. Ball-control is touch tight, first touch is reliable, and he can stop and turn with ease. He dribbles very smootly in game, and doesn’t feel clunky at all. Genuinely glides across the pitch effortlessly.

Shooting: 8/10

From distance, he is lethal. Popped a couple of long shots with him, and they all went in. Inside the box, finishing is a little dodgy, but he gets them on target to win us a corner, or create a chance from a rebound. His heading is very, very good, and he scored a couple for me (by virtue of his jumping, height and heading accuracy).

Passing: 9/10

He may have only got two assists, but he’s an integral part of my midfield. His distribution is top quality. Short- and long-passing and very, very good, and with his pace, his crossing is incredibly effective. He can play the role of playmaker with ease, and I’m sure that if I moved him further up the field, he’d rack up assists.

Defending: 9/10

Tackling is perfect. With his pace, long legs, and decent strength and aggression, he can dispossess anyone. He does it efficiently too, without giving away too many fouls, or missing many tackles. Interceptions are also very good, as is his marking — he reads the game well, and covers his opponents effectively. His heading accuracy is very good, and he can direct headed passes very easily, as well as registering headers on target.

Physicality: 10/10

This is where he dominates. He feels far stronger in game, and his aggression and lanky frame means he plays like a tank in-game. He very hard to bully off the ball, and puts up a fight against every player he faces. His stamina is excellent, so he’s running until the very last minute, and it makes him an incredibly useful asset to have at the end of games.


He’s an incredible all-round player, and a true midfield maestro. I can’t see how you can do much better than him. His play style and attributes really fit the meta this year, and he plays well above his rating in-game.