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EA SPORTS™ Premier League Player of the Month – April – Son Heung-Min


EA SPORTS™ spoke to Tottenham Hotspur winger Son Heung-Min, after he was crowned the EA SPORTS Player of the Month for the second time this season. He gave us his thoughts on the month of April, beating Arsenal in the last ever North London Derby at White Hart Lane and who the best FIFA 17 player is at Spurs.

EA SPORTS™ : Congratulations on winning the EA SPORTS Player Of The Month award for April – how does it feel?

S H-M : It’s unbelievable. Obviously it’s my second time this season but I am just so grateful for the work my teammates and the staff here put in, and to the fans that have been voting for me. It’s just an unbelievable feeling.

EA SPORTS™ : So after winning September’s award you said “This is my dream. I want to win it a second time and a third time. When I take the award home, my family will go crazy” – Does this second time still feel like a dream and will your family go twice as crazy this time?

S H-M : Yes I think so. But this is not where I want to finish, I want to keep going and keep working hard in order to win the award for a third time. I am really happy but I am also really hungry to get my third Player Of The Month award. My family will also be really happy with me winning the Player Of The Month award again.

EA SPORTS™ : You were the first Asian recipient of the award back in September, you must be proud to win the award again for South Korea?

S H-M : Yes of course, I’m really proud. Everyone gets excited when the shortlist gets announced and they look to see if I am involved so I’m really proud to win it for both South Korea and Tottenham.

EA SPORTS™ : 5 goals in 4 consecutive games – which one stands out as your favourite?

S H-M : I think every single one because we won 6 games, every single game in April, which is not an easy thing to do. The award is not just for me though, it is for the team and their hard work across the 6 games – 16 goals scored and only 1 conceded. It was a great month for the team.

EA SPORTS™ : 12 goals for you this season – what do you put your improved form down to?

S H-M : I just keep working hard. I set myself the target of 10 goals this season but we also have three games left to play, which I want to score more goals in as well as assist my teammates. It is just important that we keep taking each game as it comes.

EA SPORTS™ : Another good memory was that 2-0 win against Arsenal in the last ever North London Derby at White Hart Lane – how did that feel?

S H-M : It was unbelievable. Everyone is so excited around a North London Derby and I think we showed everyone just how good we are as a team. It’s a great memory for everyone to remember, beating Arsenal in the last ever North London derby at White Hart Lane. I was really happy as we performed great.

EA SPORTS™ : Are you looking forward to playing all your home games at Wembley next season?

S H-M : We didn’t have the greatest of seasons at Wembley this year. We are very excited to be playing there next season though and I don’t think we will have any problems playing there next season.

EA SPORTS™ : You seem to have a handshake routine with most players at Tottenham. How did these come about?

S H-M : This seems to be the question I have been asked the most this season! It’s just something new and different, whether it’s with Dele or Harry Kane, every player has something different because we are a team and we are all friends on and off the pitch. Me and Dele were the first to start doing it and Dele introduced it to the team. Everyone thinks I am the handshake king but Dele always wants to try something new.

EA SPORTS™ : Who is the best FIFA 17 player at the club?

S H-M : I play quite a bit of FIFA myself and would love to say I am the best but I would say Harry Kane is the best player at the game at the club. Me and Kevin Wimmer play FIFA 17 together a lot and he is very good, but a lot of the players at the club are very good at the game.

EA SPORTS™ : Do you play FIFA 17 as a team when playing away?

S H-M : Yes, we will play on the bus or in the hotel. I’m not sure how good they are but I know N’Koudou, Sissoko and Wanyama play FIFA 17 together a lot.