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It’s been known for quite some time that “Legends” in FIFA Ulitmate Team would become a thing of the past, being replaced by Icons. However, thanks to a new video released by EA, we have been treated to a very exciting new piece of information regarding just how these new item types will work. These iconic players won’t just get one card in the game, nor two. They will have three total item types coming in FIFA 18.

As the name “Icon Stories” suggests, these new items will go through a progression from humble beginnings to the climax, much like a great book or television program.

The first version of an Icon will start out with a lower rating representing the beginning of that certain player’s career.

The second version will have the Icon’s normal rating. This would resemble a base legend card in past editions of FUT with the player have a rating that best represents the “prime” of that player’s career.

Finally, the third and final version will feature an upgraded “in-form” version.

Also announced, is the addition of Ronaldinho to the collection of Icons!

Legendary players in Ultimate Team are going nowhere, but they are getting a huge makeover. These new Icon Stories should provide users with a better chance of getting their hands on some of their favorite “Icons” from the past.