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FIFA 18 ratings: 5 players who have been grossly overrated


The latest ratings released by EA Sports for FIFA 18 told an all too familiar tale. The ratings had a tinge of repetition from previous years and in many ways felt almost anti-climactic. In some cases, the ratings offered were too low for talented players that deserved so much better, and in others, they were unreasonably high, perhaps due to a hint of “star power” rather than actual performance on the pitch. Whatever the reason, the FIFA 18 ratings for players were far from perfect.

Following our review of five grossly underrated players, the obvious next step is to find five players who would best fit those who got way more than they expected. These players are no doubt among the very best in the world and they may just prove us wrong, but going by recent performances, their rating seemed rather generous.

Here are five players who have been grossly overrated in FIFA 18:

5 Sami Khedira – 84


Football pundits rightfully say that there is a dearth of good defensive midfielders in world football today. That is perhaps the reason that Sami Khedira finds himself at a decent club despite his injuries and lack of consistent performances. Having dropped from an even higher position while at Real Madrid, the German player is rated 84 this year but by his performances in the last couple of years, he should have been even lower.

Stats such as 84 physicality and 80 passing flatter the once rock in the German midfield and it is fair to say that Khedira should consider himself incredibly lucky to be in such an enviable spot.

4 Ilkay Gundogan – 85


If there was ever a player who defined an “injury-hit” season it would have to be Ilkay Gundogan. Life hasn’t been easy for the former Dortmund man in England and as he struggles to make it to full fitness, Man City have already started recruiting heavily to cover their losses.

That is what makes a rating of 85 in FIFA 18 look all the more baffling. 87 dribbling and 83 passing seem absurd when you consider that the German hardly touched a ball in the entirety of last season. Even the most optimistic fans would know that EA Sports definitely made an error in rating a far from fit Gundogan as one of the top players in this year’s game.

3 Mesut Ozil – 88


It can be argued that Mesut Ozil is one of the most gifted players of his generation as he has proved time and again on the football pitch. While his versatility and sheer ability cannot be doubted, his commitment to the cause sometimes has been. The Arsenal attacker finds himself rated 88 in FIFA 18 even after a below-par campaign with the Gunners where he struggled to replicate his terrific form from earlier seasons.

While it may just be a slight speed bump in a smooth road, a rating as healthy as this seems rather odd when you consider that many others could have taken his place atop the FIFA 18 ladder. Ozil may get his mojo back soon, but for now, he is certainly a member of the overrated category.

2 Paul Pogba – 87


Pogba’s emotional return to Old Trafford may have made for some great entertainment but in all fairness, the Frenchman’s second stint in Manchester failed to live up to the hype. A regular under Jose Mourinho, life in England took some getting used to for Paul which is why even a rating of 87 seems rather generous for the midfielder.

EA Sports obviously think greatly of him, even offering 5-star skill moves and physicality that would put the strongest to shame. His numbers look highly impressive while his performances recently have flattered to deceive. Perhaps this season will prove to us why FIFA 18 wanted Pogba in their top brass so badly.

1 Manuel Neuer – 92


Making it to this infamous list finally is German stopper, Manuel Neuer. The Bayern keeper has consistently led the way over the years as FIFA’s highest rated goalkeeper and this year is no different. Only difference is, perhaps this time he shouldn’t have been the best.

David De Gea more than proved himself this past year and showed he had the maturity to be the very best in all areas of goalkeeping. Neuer on the other hand, began committing mistakes which were rather uncharacteristic of the once reliable goalie. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that he is rated 92 in the game this year.

His 95 kicking and 91 positioning are top notch, easily beating his Spanish counterpart. EA seem to have blown it again with this one, but it may just be a matter of time before the flying German is forced to play second fiddle.