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FUT 18 Features – Squad Battles, Objectives, Champions Channels & SBCs

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in FIFA and there are a number of new FUT 18 features this year! The new features include Squad Battles, Objectives and Champions Channel, as well as improvements with existing features such as Squad Building Challanges.

FUT 18 Features

Squad Battles


In the brand new single player FIFA 18 Squad Battles you can compete and earn rewards. You are able to take on other FUT Squads from within the community, earning rewards as you go and moving up the leaderboards. In the Featured Squad Battle, you can challenge the squad of football players, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills and squad building abilities.



You can earn some great rewards in FUT 18 by completing the dynamic daily and weekly objectives in-game, or via the new companion app. From dynamic in-match challenges, to squad management goals, you’ll receive rewards. The harder the challenge is, the better the reward.

Champions Channel


In FIFA 18 Champions Channel you can watch replays from matches of the top players in the world and those competing in the weekend league. You can control playback and cameras through matches of your favourite pro players to learn exactly how they play.

Squad Building Challenges


Just like FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, in SBCs you can build squads from players in your club, completing challenges to earn in-game rewards. However new Squad Building Challenges features have been introduced in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team! This includes Combined Player Requirements, and Brick Slots allowing you to create deeper SBCs in FUT 18.