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If you plan on investing in FIFA Points this year, doing so towards the beginning of the game is a great way to ensure a high return on your investment. At the start of the game, the average value of commonly packed items will be at their highest. Knowing this, many players decide to use their FIFA Points to open as many 7.5k packs as they can, as soon as possible. However, if you are looking to get the best bang for your buck, we think there are better strategies. But before diving into those strategies, let’s refresh on some basics.


FIFA Points are a purchasable in-game currency that can be exchanged for packs and FUT Draft entries. At the beginning of FIFA, when players have little to no coins, those willing to invest in FIFA points can get a significant leg up.

FIFA points are also one of the few things players can carry over from their FIFA17 accounts. Like previous years, EA will offer a one time transfer of FIFA points from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18 accounts once players log onto their consoles. Of note here, is that FIFA Point transfers are not possible on Web App. You will need to log onto your console in order to make the transfer.

How do I best use points?

This is one the most common questions we get on social media. For the best answer, it helps to break it down by your FIFA skill, market knowledge, and the time you have to commit.


If you fancy yourself as a proficient trader and have a fair amount of time to commit to trading/investing between the time you get your hands on the console version and the full release of the game, we recommend that you open your packs as soon as possible to scrape together coins and start trading. The earlier you can trade on the new and unstable market, the more coins you will make. One important detail, however. In order to justify this decision, you’ll need to make a substantial profit on those initial coins. This means you’ll need to be confident in your trading ability. If you are second guessing, you might want to consider option two.


If you only want to buy packs, it is important to know when the best value for those packs is offered. Traditionally, during Early Access through Full Release, the only gold packs offered are the standard 5k (100 FP) and 7.5k (150 FP) packs. While it can be good to open some packs to get yourself rolling at the very start, to maximize your return on FIFA points, players should wait until both a large group of special items are in packs and promo packs are available.

This year, Ones To Watch items will be available on September 29 (Worldwide Release), meaning they will feature in packs alongside TOTW2. With upwards of 40+ special items in packs, we advise that players wait until at least the 29th to begin splurging. If you have the patience, we recommend waiting until the first Sunday of October. Last year EA released their first round of promo packs on the 2nd of October. If they follow this pattern, it will mean that the first round of promos will drop on October 1st. This would be a great time to use the bulk of your FIFA Points.


Finally, for intermediate to advanced players, the best strategy for using FIFA Points is to use them for online FUT Draft entries. If you can average around two wins per entry, this is the right method for you.The rewards that you receive from a 300 FIFA Point draft entry far outweigh the reward from two 7.5k packs. Plus, you will be able to try those “elite” players that aren’t affordable right away.