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How to get invited to FIFA 18 Beta Testing for FUT

FIFA 18 beta testers aged 18+ will get to test the game on their platform of choice for free, before FIFA 18 is released to the general public. We anticipate the FIFA 18 Closed Beta testing to start Thursday, August 17th and ending Sunday August 27th, 2017. This is more than one month before the official release date.

The lucky users that get to test the game are required to offer feedback so that EA can tweak the game and fix any last minute bugs before the official release. In this article we will offer tips on how to get invited to FIFA 18 beta testing, along any other useful information regarding the closed beta. If selected by EA, you will be able to download the game direct to your Xbox One or Playstation 4! Unfortunately it looks as though the beta won’t be available for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC users.


When do FIFA 18 closed beta invites get sent?

FIFA 17 beta invitations were sent out August 2nd, 2016 and were associated with your EA account (they cannot be shared). In FIFA 16 this time was late July. Therefore we are predicting FIFA 18 invites to get sent out sometime between July 27th and August 2nd, 2017. If and when you receive your invite and code, the FIFA 18 closed beta game will be available to download around August 17th, 2017. Please note that the download size will likely be around 20GB. Leagues and players in the FIFA 18 beta may be the same as FIFA 17. Gameplay and interfaces will have changed. Ratings are not finalised.

Can I still receive a FIFA 18 Beta invite?

Only users who opted in to receive EA emails may have been sent an invite (more details below). Registration for the Closed FIFA 18 beta will end roughly 2 weeks before the beta launch, but last year it appeared that a maximum number of users registered their interest. Check your email spam folder just in case.

Which countries can play the FIFA 18 beta?

The FIFA 18 beta invitations will be sent out to players in the UK and North America.

Closed Beta Registration

Find the walkthrough on how to register to the FIFA 18 Beta below, along with examples based on previous years of what will be shown to you.

1. Email Received Example


2. Register Now Example


3. Read and Accept the T&C’s

4. Registration Completed Example


Game Modes

  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode
  • Pro Clubs

We may see the Journey 2: Hunter Returns this year, but in previous years it was not available.

How do I increase my chances of receiving a FIFA 18 beta invite?

This is important to remember, last year it appeared as though fans were invited to the game mode they were most active within. An invite doesn’t necessarily mean that you can definitely test the FIFA 18 beta. There are limited spaces. Therefore, as soon as you receive an invitation, make sure to register your interest asap!

FIFA Insider

Becoming a FIFA Insider will ensure you get early news via your email, which may also coincide with an invitation to the new beta. With EA pushing this feature we would definitely recommend becoming an insider. Along with updating your contact preferences, it’s the equal number one thing we’d recommend!

Game Activity

To further increase your chances of receiving an invite there are a couple of things you can do; Firstly, over the next few weeks make sure that you’re very active on the game mode you wish to beta test. This does not mean to say you have to be in Div 1 or have a full in-form team! It’s worth noting that some users received invites that weren’t overly active, but that seems to be the general consensus. We think EA will be more selective this year. Last year users received invitations to;

  • Ultimate Team
  • Pro Clubs
  • Career Mode

Privacy Settings

Login to your Origin account at and if you wish, set the privacy settings we’ve selected below. We’ve included everything related to FIFA. Once you’ve selected the boxes, remember to click ‘Update’. Remember to frequently check the ‘Game Tester Program’ tab to see if FIFA appears on there. If it does, check the box and then click update.


What happens after registering my interest?

After receiving an official invite from EA and registering your interest to the FIFA 18 Beta, you’ll receive a second email around August 17th with a beta access code for either Xbox One or Playstation 4. If approved, this email will contain details on when and how to download the FIFA 18 closed beta. Previously you were asked to drop comments on the beta section of the EA forums. You may be asked to test something specific by EA. Live streaming and image capturing of closed beta gameplay or forums is not permitted.