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TOTS Michael Bradley




I picked Bradley because his item looks phenomenal. Besides his 80 pace, he has 86-plus on all his item stats. He has fantastic passing, shooting, defending and physical stats, as well as superb dribbling stats. His high agility and balance are relatively rare for a item like him, so I was eager to give him a shot.


I used the Anchor chemistry style on him, to give his item a nice pace boost, as well as a boost to his defending and physical.


He’s a 95-rated CDM with that chem. style, so I expected great things from him.




I used him at CDM in the 4231 formation. I make two small changes in-game — I swap Dos Santos with Giovinco, and then swap Giovinco with Villa.

I used the squad above for 10 games, so I’ll be basing my reviews on those 10 games. All games were played in Div. 1.


Here are my stats with Bradley:

Games: 10

Goals: 3

Assists: 2

Chemistry Style: Anchor

Let’s get into the review.


Pace: 8/10

No real complaints here, but nothing to write home about. He feels like he has 80 pace, and the boost from the anchor is not felt. He didn’t get outrun by too many players, and he was fast enough to get forward and back without issue. I’d recommend using a shadow/catalyst/hunter on him, just to get a little more pace on this item.

Shooting: 8/10

Again, I didn’t feel like this was anything to write home about. I was forcing the ball to him in games where I was a goal or two ahead, just to see if he could pop one home from distance. He managed to score three long range belters for me, but that was sort of expected given his 91 long shots and 99 shot power. I wasn’t impressed with him inside the box — he didn’t manage to get a shot on target from inside the box, and his finishing was dreadful (he was through on goal a couple of times).

Passing: 9/10

Sublime. He can pull off almost any pass in the game, and I had no issues with his distribution. He wasn’t on the level of Gerrard or Alonso, but he was still very solid. I didn’t take a freekick with him, so I can’t really comment on that.

Dribbling: 10/10

I was very, very impressed. In game, he’s not stiff or slow on the turn — he dribbles smoothly, and can easily move from side to side to avoid defenders. This is a very unique item in that sense. You rarely get a defensive midfielder who is that good on the ball. I was never worried when he was on the ball, and off the ball, he was easy to control. One of the best defensive midfielder you can get this year in terms of dribbling.

Defending: 10/10

Wonderful. He closes down every move, reads every play, perfectly executes every tackle. There are no negatives here. This is the perfect defensive item. It’s really useful to have a player like this in your team, because he breaks down opponents before he have a sight of goal, or are able to get to your back line.

Physical: 10/10

This item is a monster. He can bully pretty much any opponent, and wins 90% of his duels. He’s a destroyer in the middle of the park — if you go up against him, you are probably going to lose.

Weakfoot: 3/10

Atrocious. His three-star weak foot feels awful in game, and means that this item is completely one-footed. As a result, it’s easy to predict his shots and passes, which really hurts this item at times.

Skills: 5/10

Two-star skills are not a huge issue in the CDM spot, but you definitely feel the lack of them if you are heavily reliant on skills (as I am).


I really like using this item. He’s fast, strong, with great technical stats, and he feels great in game. He fits nicely into your MLS or American teams, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy him.

However, for 200K, this item probably isn’t worth it. He’s not as good as Dendoncker, who I still maintain is the best item in the game (for his price). TOTS Bradley is a superb item, but there are better items available for a lot less, so keep that in mind if you are looking to pick him up.

Rating: 9/10

Value for coins: 6/10