The FIFA team rounded out an exciting week of player ratings releases by dropping the game’s Top 40-31 stars. Instead of the previous 20 per day releases, fans were given ten of the top 40 new player ratings.

Out of the lastest batch of releases, only two saw downgrades. Premier League midfielders Mesut Ozil and Paul Pogba suffered a -1 drop. Pogba still holds on to his vaunted five-star skills, at least.

Bayern’s Arturo Vidal is the only player on the list to avoid a rating change, which keeps him at an 87 overall. His FCB teammate Jerome Boateng was not so lucky. A season of injuries saw him fall from a 90 to an 88 overall.

Marcelo continued the overpowered Brazilian full back trend by increasing from an 86 to an 87. Paris Saint Germain’s Edinson Cavani increased by one as well.

Premier League favorites Christian Eriksen and N’Golo Kante received sizable upgrades — on paper. Eriksen increased by two while Kante jumped from an 83 overall to an 87. But Kante’s total stats somehow increased by just three.

It’s worth noting: How overall is calculated is tweaked annually, as is how it’s calculated for certain positions. Kante’s move to CDM on his base card alone could account for half of the overall increase. We’ll have to wait and see which stats are most important in the game in a few more weeks.

Predicting the 9 Highest Rated Premier League Players in FIFA 18

9. KANE (RATING – 87)


Harry Kane has been a golden boot winner for the last two seasons in the Premier League. In FIFA 17 he was given the start rating of 84 which will change to 87 we predict in FIFA 18. Looking at his performance it is only fair that he gets a increase in his ratings.



Mesut Ozil was given 89 rating in FIFA 17 but he really didn’t have a great season compared to his season his 2015/16. He had 9 assists compared to his 19 assists in 2015/16 season. But he is still one of the best mid fielders in Premier League. So we predict that he will be getting the same rating in FIFA 18(89).


Manchester United v Southampton - Premier League

Pogba was already touted as one of the best midfielders in the world before his world record move to boyhood club Manchester United. After the hair cuts, dances and his own Twitter Emoticon United fans finally found what they had let go earlier.

After initially looking like he was trying too much to impress everyone and justify his price tag  he finally settled and started showing why he was wanted by most of the European giants. He was rated 88 in the FIFA 17.

The 24-year old ended last season with 5 goals and 4 assists in the league but hit the post an astounding nine times. We are sure he will have a better season this time.

We predict the rating of 90 in FIFA 18.



The Arsenal Superstar had an outstanding season last year scoring 24 goals and providing 10 assists, which will see his rating increased to 90 and making him one of the games best players to use.



Thibaut Courtois had 89 rating in FIFA 17. He had an amazing season at Chelsea winning the League with Conte. He can have a little bump in his rating in FIFA 18.



Kevin De Bruyne is one the most naturally talented player in the premier league. Pep Guardiola has found a perfect attacking midfielder to meet his demands.

The 24 year old is as versatile as they come. Manchester City fans had the opportunity to see him at his best at Ethiad Stadium.

The Belgian is expected to play an even bigger part next season in the Manchester City side as Silva and Yaya Toure are now showing the effects of ageing.

We predict the rating of 90 for the young Belgian Star.



Aguero scored 33 goals in all competitions last year and that too under new manager Pep Guardiola who has a very specific style of playing football so it was impressive from Aguero to adapt to the change in playing style so well. And while he wasn’t the league’s top scorer, he is still the best striker in the league, which is why we predicts the rating of 90.


Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League

David de Gea had 90 rating in FIFA 17 and he had a great season at Manchester United. He is improving each season. We project his rating to be the same in FIFA 18.



Eden Hazard is a very integral part of the Chelsea squad under Conte. He scored 16 goals last season while assisting 5 goals. Hazard is a player who can change the pace of the game in blink of an eye. The qualities he has and the performance he put will make him the highest rated player in the Premier League with rating of 91 in FIFA 18.



With the release of the League vs League (LvL) Master player upgrades a couple of weeks ago, everyone has been slowly working their way towards being able to upgrade them by winning 10 LvL tournaments letting you upgrade your Juan Mata, Andrea Pirlo or Luka Modrić from 90 rated to 95.

Having missed out on Player of the Month Heung Min Son due to the pricey Messi, I have been lacking a good second CAM for my team for a while, and had high hopes that 95 rated Luka Modrić would be able to fill one of the biggest gaps I had in my team.

This is the team that I used to test him. The games I played with him were in in LvL Tournaments, League Championships and the Legendary 1 and 2 division of Versus Attack Mode, facing teams rated between 101 and 115 Overall.


At first look, his stats aren’t the most impressive, especially for a 95 rated player. Compared to other of a similar rating, such as the recently released Global Tour Master Christian Eriksen or Upgraded TOTS Dele Alli, Modrić’s main attribute is obviouly his passing — one of the least important areas for any player to have good stats in for FIFA Mobile.

To get a better idea as to how he may play, lets take a look at his stats:


At first look, his stats aren’t the most impressive, especially for a 95 rated player. With his passing and dribbling being his top attributes, he doesn’t necessarily lend himself well to FIFA Mobile, which is more centred around pace and shooting ability. Compared to other of a similar rating, such as the recently released Global Tour Master Christian Eriksen, Upgraded TOTS Dele Alli or even the Independence Day Christian Pulisic, all have what appear to be far superior stats in the right areas.


In around 20 games that I played with him, going between the three variants of 451, these are his approximate stats:



Not exactly outstanding contributions in either stat, but with CAM being a difficult position to find, he was limited in the number of chances he was a part of. The majority of his assists came from his corners, which were definitely a strong point of his game.


Pace: 5/10 - Sluggish is the best word I can think of to describe him. He had occasional chances where he was able to run clear and get a shot on goal, but more often than not he was caught by a defender who many other players would be able to run free from. However, that was to be expected for a player with only 90 pace, and many of the opposition defenders had far greater pace stats which allowed them to be able to catch up to him.

Shooting: 6/10 - Sometimes he was great, and could score some nice curved shots from the edge of the box, but the next turn he could put an identical chance straight at the keeper or far beyond the far post. I feel like his inability to be able to finish fairly easy chances was the reason that I ended up getting demoted from Legendary 1 to Legendary 2 in the process of playing with him for this review.

Passing: 8/10 - Modrić’s only real positive was his passing. Whether tapping or using the buttons, he was able to find his target the majority of attempts. When he took my corners, his accuracy was excellent, and resulted in more scoring chances than with any other corner taker. Sadly, passing still plays a minor role in the game, so his excellent passing ability goes to waste, unlike if his shooting was his key area of strength.

Dribbling: 7/10 - His pace obviously plays a part in his dribbling, as it reflects the speed at which he is able to move with the ball. His 95 Dribbling felt good when using his roulette, and his movement as a whole felt good. However, he sometimes felt slightly clunky, with loose first touches and letting the ball run too far ahead of him when he was doing a roulette past a defender.

Physical: 4/10 - His biggest notable weakness was his strength. With his lack of pace, you’d hope he’d have the strength to hold off some defenders at least, but no. He was easily knocked off the ball by even some more ‘average’ defenders like 95-97 David Luiz or Retro Stars Laurent Ciman, which gave him no chance against any of the top tier defenders that you tend to face in the higher reaches of the VsA leaderboard.


Is he worth doing? The simple answer is no.

His stats simply don’t perform at the level you’d expect for such a hard-to-get player of any level, never mind a 95 rated one. The stats of both 95 Juan Mata and 95 Andrea Pirlo are significantly better than those of the Croat. I almost feel like it was solely down to him that I ended up being relegated from Legendary 1 while testing him, as he was far too inconsistent with his finishing to be effective in that division. On top of this, his +3 Long Pass Accuracy is not going to provide a major boost to any of your players, and with such an abundance of other CAM’s with better stats and boosts, upgrading Modrić shouldn’t be a high priority for anyone.

Rating: 6/10

FIFA 18: 10 Highest Rated Players Projection

FIFA 18 is around the corner and we all want to know who will be the highest rated players in the game. Will Ronaldo keep his crown in FIFA 18? We predict the ratings of top players.



Ronaldo was given 94 rating in FIFA 17. He is already the top player in the game but after winning the league and champions league we cal all expect a little bump in his rating in the next FIFA edition.



Though it has been Ronaldo’s year Messi has posted his best goals-to-game ratio this year since 2012-13 in all competition. We can expect a rise in his rating in FIFA 18.



Neymar was given 92 rating in FIFA 17 after having not so incredible last season his ratings are pretty much to be stay the same in FIFA 18 too.



Manuel Neuer was given 92 rating in FIFA 17 but after poor performance in Champions League last season we project a decrease in his rating in FIFA 18 but he will still be the highest rated Goalkeeper in the game.



Suarez had 92 rating in FIFA 17 and he hasn’t done anything wrong in last season but he is turning 30 and bringing him on par with Lewandovwki in FIFA 18 seems anything but fair.



David de Gea had 90 rating in FIFA 17 and he had a great season at Manchester United. He is improving each season. We project his rating to be the same in FIFA 18.



Lewandowski was given 90 rating in FIFA 17 and we expect it to stay the same. He had a amazing year at Bayern Munich last season but club’s poor performance in Champions League may be the reason for no increase in his ratings in FIFA 18.



Thibaut Courtois had 89 rating in FIFA 17. He had an amazing season at Chelsea winning the League with Conte. He can have a little bump in his rating in FIFA 18.



Well Buffon keeps reminding us that age is just a number. He keeps performing incredibly well each season. After Juventus’ great run in champions league he is expected to get a rating bump in FIFA 18.



Bale had 90 rating in FIFA 17. After going through injuries last season he can get a decrease in his rating in FIFA 18. We hope the welsh man comes back stronger this season.



In the first full month of the ‘Community Team of the Week’ being out in FIFA Mobile, we have seen a wide variety of players get cards – from a Striker Theo Walcott, to the throwback of Eric Bailly and Aurélien Chedjou, to an insane LWB Emil Forsberg - but it is Manchester City’s new French wing-back Benjamin Mendy who gets the award of POTM.

An interesting position change from LB to LWB sees him become the highest rated LWB by two ratings – compared to the one he would be top by at LB – and with his boosts of +3 Tackling and +2 Sprint Speed to all, he is by no means a slouch. With just the four cPOTW tokens needed to complete the plan, it looks far more achieveable than the previous POTM of Modric, which needed 100 Elite Trophies alongside two cPOTW tokens.

FUT 18 Features – Squad Battles, Objectives, Champions Channels & SBCs

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in FIFA and there are a number of new FUT 18 features this year! The new features include Squad Battles, Objectives and Champions Channel, as well as improvements with existing features such as Squad Building Challanges.

FUT 18 Features

Squad Battles


In the brand new single player FIFA 18 Squad Battles you can compete and earn rewards. You are able to take on other FUT Squads from within the community, earning rewards as you go and moving up the leaderboards. In the Featured Squad Battle, you can challenge the squad of football players, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills and squad building abilities.



You can earn some great rewards in FUT 18 by completing the dynamic daily and weekly objectives in-game, or via the new companion app. From dynamic in-match challenges, to squad management goals, you’ll receive rewards. The harder the challenge is, the better the reward.

Champions Channel


In FIFA 18 Champions Channel you can watch replays from matches of the top players in the world and those competing in the weekend league. You can control playback and cameras through matches of your favourite pro players to learn exactly how they play.

Squad Building Challenges


Just like FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, in SBCs you can build squads from players in your club, completing challenges to earn in-game rewards. However new Squad Building Challenges features have been introduced in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team! This includes Combined Player Requirements, and Brick Slots allowing you to create deeper SBCs in FUT 18.




Highlighting seven matches over the next two weeks, a Summer Celebration/Saint Patrick’s Day-like FIFA Mobile promotion is upon us.

Taking place July 29, July 30, August 2, August 5, August 6, and August 8, live events those days will help you earn tokens and build towards seven different Global Tour Program Master items. As teased on social media Thursday, the exhibition and annual matches incorporated are the following:


The Fill Up Live Event leads things off. By knocking that out, you’ll obtain Mobile Mile Tokens, which you can also get in packs from the Store. Take those mobile Mile Tokens to finish the specific Match Day plans and chase the master player from each match day accordingly.

Similar to the popular “Summer Celebration”, after you complete a Match Day plan, you’ll be able to play its Pre-Match Day Live Event (which on the day of the match evolves into the Match Day event).

Completing those will give you Global Tour Jet tokens on first win and then City-specific Souvenir tokens, Mobile Mile tokens, Tourist players from the match, or potentially even more Global Tour Jet ones.

You can use Silver Souvenir and Mobile Mile Tokens to complete specific cities’. Tourist Player plans. You’ll need all four players plus a fixed number of Jet Tokens per match to unlock a match global tour master player. You’ll also get an Elite Souvenir Token which as you can guess goes towards the Global Tour Program Legend.

The program kicks off this weekend with events targeted towards the Miami Clasico, Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona, and Saturday’s match in Nashville, TN between Manchester City and Tottenham. 93 RWB Dani Carvajal, 92 ST Benzema, 90 RB Sergi Roberto, 94 CM Sergio Busquets, and 97 RWB Master Player Dani Carvajal lead things off for the first matchup with 91 GK Ederson, 93 RM Bernardo Silva, 90 CDM Eric Dier, 92 CAM Christian Eriksen, and 95 CAM Master Player Christian Eriksen in the second.

This should be a fun few weeks with plenty of obtainable player items and some fun live events in the process.

98 OVR Luka Modric with OP boosts is FIFA Mobile’s June POTM


He’s back.

98-overall Luka Modric, as first seen during FIFA Mobile’s Team of the Year, is back, with new, different ratings and the same boosts as Ultimate TOTS Dele Alli, joining him as the highest non-overall-boosting players in the game.

As widely rumored thanks to a, uh, bit of an untimely leak, the plan isn’t cheap: to make up for there only being two weeks in this month’s Player of the Month, you’ll need 100 trophies (starting at 25,000 coins a pop BIN) along with both June POTM tokens and POTW Modric to get the overpowered 98 version.

July’s Player of the Month, now under the new Community Team of the Week structure, should be more in line with previous months where all you need is the corresponding Player of the Week and the four July Player of the Month tokens.

We’d love to hear how 98 POTM Modric treats you if you endeavor to build him. Let us know in the comments below.

How to get invited to FIFA 18 Beta Testing for FUT

FIFA 18 beta testers aged 18+ will get to test the game on their platform of choice for free, before FIFA 18 is released to the general public. We anticipate the FIFA 18 Closed Beta testing to start Thursday, August 17th and ending Sunday August 27th, 2017. This is more than one month before the official release date.

The lucky users that get to test the game are required to offer feedback so that EA can tweak the game and fix any last minute bugs before the official release. In this article we will offer tips on how to get invited to FIFA 18 beta testing, along any other useful information regarding the closed beta. If selected by EA, you will be able to download the game direct to your Xbox One or Playstation 4! Unfortunately it looks as though the beta won’t be available for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC users.


When do FIFA 18 closed beta invites get sent?

FIFA 17 beta invitations were sent out August 2nd, 2016 and were associated with your EA account (they cannot be shared). In FIFA 16 this time was late July. Therefore we are predicting FIFA 18 invites to get sent out sometime between July 27th and August 2nd, 2017. If and when you receive your invite and code, the FIFA 18 closed beta game will be available to download around August 17th, 2017. Please note that the download size will likely be around 20GB. Leagues and players in the FIFA 18 beta may be the same as FIFA 17. Gameplay and interfaces will have changed. Ratings are not finalised.

Can I still receive a FIFA 18 Beta invite?

Only users who opted in to receive EA emails may have been sent an invite (more details below). Registration for the Closed FIFA 18 beta will end roughly 2 weeks before the beta launch, but last year it appeared that a maximum number of users registered their interest. Check your email spam folder just in case.

Which countries can play the FIFA 18 beta?

The FIFA 18 beta invitations will be sent out to players in the UK and North America.

Closed Beta Registration

Find the walkthrough on how to register to the FIFA 18 Beta below, along with examples based on previous years of what will be shown to you.

1. Email Received Example


2. Register Now Example


3. Read and Accept the T&C’s

4. Registration Completed Example


Game Modes

  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode
  • Pro Clubs

We may see the Journey 2: Hunter Returns this year, but in previous years it was not available.

How do I increase my chances of receiving a FIFA 18 beta invite?

This is important to remember, last year it appeared as though fans were invited to the game mode they were most active within. An invite doesn’t necessarily mean that you can definitely test the FIFA 18 beta. There are limited spaces. Therefore, as soon as you receive an invitation, make sure to register your interest asap!

FIFA Insider

Becoming a FIFA Insider will ensure you get early news via your email, which may also coincide with an invitation to the new beta. With EA pushing this feature we would definitely recommend becoming an insider. Along with updating your contact preferences, it’s the equal number one thing we’d recommend!

Game Activity

To further increase your chances of receiving an invite there are a couple of things you can do; Firstly, over the next few weeks make sure that you’re very active on the game mode you wish to beta test. This does not mean to say you have to be in Div 1 or have a full in-form team! It’s worth noting that some users received invites that weren’t overly active, but that seems to be the general consensus. We think EA will be more selective this year. Last year users received invitations to;

  • Ultimate Team
  • Pro Clubs
  • Career Mode

Privacy Settings

Login to your Origin account at help.ea.com and if you wish, set the privacy settings we’ve selected below. We’ve included everything related to FIFA. Once you’ve selected the boxes, remember to click ‘Update’. Remember to frequently check the ‘Game Tester Program’ tab to see if FIFA appears on there. If it does, check the box and then click update.


What happens after registering my interest?

After receiving an official invite from EA and registering your interest to the FIFA 18 Beta, you’ll receive a second email around August 17th with a beta access code for either Xbox One or Playstation 4. If approved, this email will contain details on when and how to download the FIFA 18 closed beta. Previously you were asked to drop comments on the beta section of the EA forums. You may be asked to test something specific by EA. Live streaming and image capturing of closed beta gameplay or forums is not permitted.

Opinion: EA Play Review


This is the second year now that EA have broken away from the E3 conference pack, again opting to do their own thing, at their own venue, in their own way. And if you cast your mind back to last year’s EA Play, that was the core rationale behind the whole move; control.

And last year it definitely paid off. EA weren’t hamstrung by the strict E3 conference timings, and were instead able to give their entire suite of games, from shooting to sports relevant and deserved air time. Which after such a successful first year, is why I was incredibly disappointed to see the show slide back towards the chaotic hit and miss formula of past E3’s.

First and foremost we’re here to talk about FIFA which apart from an extended look at the teaser trailer, failed to gain any additional momentum after the big ‘Ronaldo’s’ reveal earlier in the week. EA trotted out their favourite duo the Men in Blazers who did an okay, if at times awkward job of relaying the changes made to FIFA 18. I’m a firm believer that the spotlight on day’s like this should belong to the devs and producers, who have a much better chance of delivering a passionate and compelling overview of the product. The Men in Blazers sadly conveyed neither.

Then there was the first look at The Journey which see’s the return of Alex Hunter for a second season, and a big decision looming about his next destination. Whilst impressive, last night’s Journey trailer was strikingly similar to last year’s cutscened fuelled overview and again it failed to convey concrete feature changes. Perhaps that’s all to come, but anyone who played The Journey to completion last year will be very keen to know about the nuts and bolts of how the gameplay elements are going to improve. Because if anything let The Journey’s story driven experience down in FIFA 17, it was the gameplay.

And this style over substance approach continued through EA’s portfolio of games, with the sports scene suffering the most. There was a jazzy trailer for Madden’s Journey-esg ‘Long Shot’ and the same for NBA’s ‘The One’. But the time devs actually stood on stage and talked about their work was miniscule. The 30 second NBA demo of a Lebron dunk they’d “literally just captured” (yeah, sure…) was painfully put together but that said, at least we saw some actually NBA gameplay on screen. A luxury not afforded to FIFA.

Away from sports there was the all new A Way Out, for which the couch co-op elements really captured the imagination of how two interlinking stories could operate on the same screen. However, even that was tinged with some cheesey “slap this guy on the head, it wasn’t me it was him!” scenarios presented as puzzle solving opportunities. Perhaps slapstick is what they’re going for, but for me it ever so slightly took the shine off an admittedly interesting concept.

Then there was Need For Speed Payback which for some unknown reason EA are continuing to push a narrative driven, Fast and Furious style experience. Rather than just letting us bloody race! I’m a huge NFS fan throughout the modern console era, but Hot Pursuit in 2010 was the last time they really nailed it. Fast, frenetic, blood pumping racing with some incredibly fun challenges, a big roster of exotic cars and not a story thread to be found. Glorious.

Even EA’s newest and most mysterious IP Anthem only got the tiniest of teasers, with EA then pointing everyone towards the Microsoft conference for the full reveal the day after. It was a confusing move to say the least, and it felt like another missed opportunity to land a killer punch in a conference which was at the time very much on the ropes. I guess we’ll see if Anthem can deliver anything beyond a Destiny/Titanfall hybrid later today.

The stars of the show were undoubtedly EA’s shooters with a new Battlefield 1 expansion and the all-new Battlefront 2 both looking absolutely fantastic. But at this point EA Play became even more lopsided with over half an hour of the 90-or-so minute conference dedicated solely to Battlefront 2. Which don’t get me wrong looked incredible, but it felt odd to spend time running a live multiplayer match mid-conference, when so many other games like FIFA were squeezed. Surely that would have been much better off as a “stick around after the show for a live Battlefront 2 stream” type thing?

As I’m sure you will have read in Tom’s previews of FIFA 18’s gameplay and Journey mode, there is actually some meat to the bones of these announcements, but none of it came across at EA Play, which was disappointing to say the least. As I wrote earlier this week, FIFA 18 got off to an absolutely storming start with the reveal of R9 and Icon’s coming to all platforms. But it kind of feels like EA have perhaps blown their load a bit soon? As they were left scrambling to fill even the smallest of FIFA 18 time slots last night.

As i’ve discussed above, the critique of EA Play this year isn’t solely about FIFA, as I felt EA sold their entire line-up (excluding Battlefront 2) pretty poorly, and the lack of devs on stage was a big concern for me, because as fans of the games they’re the people we want to hear from, not the guys from the big offices upstairs. And given that the whole point of EA Play is to free EA up to do whatever they want, I was sad to see a disjointed, and disconnected set of reveals.

There’s a long way to go yet until September 29th, but after the bombastic start to life FIFA 18 experienced, I think we were probably all expecting a whole lot more from EA Play than we actually got.